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azlaw95 asked 8 years ago

I am not able to store valid credentials for my dropbox account. Switching off popup-blocker does not help.
The app only shows me “credentials not valid”. Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi, sorry for late response but we’ve updated the plugin yet. Please update your iremotewp plugin, everything will be fixed Dropbox side. Thanks for your patience.

azlaw95 replied 8 years ago

Credentials are saved now. Test.txt is created in Dropbox newly created “Backup” directory (should be in the Apps directory, at least all the other apps are storing their data there).

Still unable to store backup. Panel says: “Sending files to dropbox failed..”.
Btw: Great thing, you are building here. Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi, it should fixed with iremotewp version 1.1.8. Your iremotewp plugin should be automatically updated . Can you please try dropbox backup again ? issue completely fixed. By the way Thanks and glad to hear this.

azlaw95 replied 8 years ago

Hi, version 1.1.8 was automagically updated on all my sites (which is a nice thing alone 🙂 ) and 1 out of 5 dropbox uploads was finished successfully. Every (5/5) tasks completed with “Your Dropbox process is failed”. Staff replied 8 years ago

H,, with the lastest updates it was resolved. Thanks for your patience. Staff replied 8 years ago

Hey, Dropbox and a lot of tools added in Please check it out your dashboard. Also thanks for your compliments!

0 Answers Staff answered 9 years ago