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twistedkaos asked 6 years ago

2 sites are not connecting, also I prefer to use wordfence, but have it turned off now. Also the link provided in the plugin to explain what to do about wordfence is not working.
also how do you restore a backup? 
and is it possible to restore that backup on a diff domain?
Please advise.

2 Answers Staff answered 6 years ago

Hey there, default Wordfence settings is not a problem but if you use strict rules for the site in Wordfence it’s prevented to data exchange with  There is no restore tool ready in our system but you can re-upload any backups you have into the any site.  Could you sent me the 2 non-connected sites url? Our technical team will be check it for you.

So your back-ups contains full file structure and db backups. You mean x domain to y restore? yes it’s possible but you should search and replace in db regarding domain changes.

I hope those answers are clear. Staff answered 6 years ago

We’ve checked your 2 website and your two websites under the Cloud flare and it’s restricted iremotewp access. If you host them normally iremotewp will be works normally.
I hope the answers are clear.