QuestionsCategory: IssuesI do not want a backup on localhost
gvanaart asked 5 years ago

As I am working with dropbox, I do not want one backup on localhost.The reason is lot of my clients have a site with a lot of data.
So I only want to backup to dropbox, can i put a code anywhere in the plugin to avoid this?
Thank you in advance,
Georgette van AArt Staff replied 5 years ago

Hey Georgette,

You should connect (give an authorize to with Dropbox account under the “Credentials” section first. Then you should go to the backup section one of the site and click one of the to preparing backup buttons such as DB, FULL or what you want. When the backup ready you will be able to select Dropbox account in the dropdown menu like this: Same think for the scheduled backups.

hope this helps to you. Team

1 Answers Staff answered 5 years ago

If our suggested process works for you I’ll mark this topic as resolved.