We are selling iRemoteWP, Interested? Make us an offer

iRemoteWP, our remote WordPress management web app has been helping WordPress agencies, freelancers, and site owners monitor, backup and update their WordPress sites since we launched it back in March 2014.

It’s a centrally hosted web app. You sign in and add the WordPress sites that you are responsible for managing. iRemoteWP then monitors those sites, tracks WordPress Core, Plugin or Theme updates that are available and handles those updates either automatically or with a single click. It additionally supports installing and managing plugins across your sites and taking backups.

It keeps a log of the things that have been done and will send a daily email notifications when updates are available. It’s primarily designed to help freelancers and agencies maintain the sites they build for their clients.

It’s very well built, having been architected and developed by some of the best WordPress engineers in the world and tested with thousands of users, close to 200,000 sites and likely over a million updates total.

Why we are selling it?

Even though it continues to do well, we just haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to iRemoteWP. We had ambitious plans for a version 2, we introduced a premium version that we backed out of because we didn’t have the resources to run and grow it, and we’ve got lots of great ideas both from it’s users and ourselves that we haven’t been able to act on. We’re too busy with other things, our client work, events, and more.

We really believe in iRemoteWP and love it as a product, however focus is important and we’re just not able to give it to iRemoteWP. We owe it to the product  and its many users to find it a better home.

The numbers with iRemoteWP

There are over 1,500+ registered users with over 100,000 sites monitored. Our users rely on iRemoteWP as a key part of their business. In the past 30 days iRemoteWP was used to perform over 20,000 plugin updates.

Each week between 15 and 50 new users sign up and over half of them go on to add a site.

We introduced a premium plan for a few months and in that time converted around 20 paying customers, we pulled it because we just didn’t have the resources internally to support it with development, support and marketing. There is obvious opportunity in a premium plan with additional features. We have surveys we’ve run with users telling us the premium features they’d like us to build. There are also obvious revenue opportunities that come from partnering with hosts and or premium plugins / services. We’d be happy to share all these ideas with you.

Interested? Make us an offer

We want to find a buyer for iRemoteWP and everything that goes with it. Someone who can take what we’ve built and continue to grow it. We had promising results from our premium version and with work, are confident that could generate meaningful revenue. There is also lots of opportunities around things like premium plugins, hosting affiliation etc. which we’ve so far only minimally explored.

If you’re interested, we’d love to receive your offer. We’re not interested in equity, just cash. We’re open to all cash deals as well as cash with a rev share. Come at us with something serious and we’ll consider it.

If you’re interested, or have questions, email We’re serious about selling so please be serious about buying. We’ll help get the word out whenever you are ready to relaunch.

Free WordPress Themes and Perks

Hello iRemoteWP users, we just opened our Free WordPress themes and Perks for only our customers. If you already our premium customer you will be very lucky, because we will provide a lot of WordPress themes, Web templates, and Premium theme discounts and Perks to you!.

We are very excited to announce our perks service with “Anariel Design” themes and templates. If you already our premium customer you will get 15% discount for all themes and templates from “Anariel Design”. We appreciate to “Anariel Design” for provides 15% discount to our customers. Hurry Up and Claim Your Perks Now!

Who is Anariel Design:

Anariel Design specialize in developing premium niche-oriented WordPress themes and HTML templates and offering professional custom work service of the highest quality and reliability. Beside putting a lot of time and heart into our designs we put as much effort in providing support, giving it a very human and friendly touch.


iRemoteWP WordPress controller plugin released

As we expect, we released our WordPress plugin on Now you can download and install iRemoteWP plugin to your websites over the repository.

You can install plugin just a few click in to your site via wp-admin dashboard and add your WordPress based sites to easily. We’ve prepared a video for you about plugin installation and adding site to

iRemoteWP to be launched soon !

We are rapidly designing and developing multiple WordPress management plugin named “iremotewp” and website for you!.

We will launch your multiple management tool and new website soon. We are planing to open our client side WordPress plugin and main service website approximately in mid-March. When we finished our management side and client plugin development, We will release both side to public.