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We are selling iRemoteWP, Interested? Make us an offer

on 09.09.2019 / by / 0 comments in Blog

iRemoteWP, our remote WordPress management web app has been helping WordPress agencies, freelancers, and site owners monitor, backup and update their WordPress sites since we launched it back in March 2014. It’s a centrally hosted web app. You sign in and add the WordPress sites that you are responsible for managing. iRemoteWP then monitors those […]

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Free WordPress Themes and Perks

on 22.04.2015 / by / 0 comments in Blog

Hello iRemoteWP users, we just opened our Free WordPress themes and Perks for only our customers. If you already our premium customer you will be very lucky, because we will provide a lot of WordPress themes, Web templates, and Premium theme discounts and Perks to you!. We are very excited to announce our perks service […]

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Amazon S3 settings for iRemoteWP

on 06.03.2015 / by / 0 comments in Blog

You can find how to setup your Amazon S3 setting to and Amazon S3

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How to add my website to

on 26.03.2014 / by / 0 comments in Blog

Multiple WP Management dashboard

For the begining, you can easily add your WordPress site in to the iRemoteWP just a few steps please watch our simple video and begin to add your sites in and manage multiple wordpress sites remotely and save your time.

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iRemoteWP WordPress controller plugin released

on 24.03.2014 / by / 0 comments in Blog

As we expect, we released our WordPress plugin on Now you can download and install iRemoteWP plugin to your websites over the repository. You can install plugin just a few click in to your site via wp-admin dashboard and add your WordPress based sites to easily. We’ve prepared a video for you […]

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iRemoteWP to be launched soon !

on 02.02.2014 / by / 0 comments in Blog

We are rapidly designing and developing multiple WordPress management plugin named “iremotewp” and website for you!. We will launch your multiple management tool and new website soon. We are planing to open our client side WordPress plugin and main service website approximately in mid-March. When we finished our management side and client plugin development, We […]

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