About iRemoteWP

Learn all about iRemoteWP. What does iRemoteWP do?, Who can use iRemoteWP ?, How does it work?

A little about iRemoteWP

The iRemoteWP WordPress plugin is a amazing multiple WordPress sites management service from one location and works with iRemoteWP.com. Remotely manage all your WordPress sites from one, easy dashboard.

iRemoteWP Features

  • Secure, fast and easy solution for manage all your WordPress sites from one easy dashboard.
  • Manually or automatically update any or all your WordPress core installs, plugins and themes.
  • Manually or scheduled automated backups of your websites (Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox supported).
  • Monitor, track all your sites WordPress version, plugins, themes each site is running and easily update.
  • One click to access WP admin of any site. No need to any admin password!
  • Manage, delete, install, activate, deactivate all your current plugins and themes and install new themes and plugins one central place.
  • Free to monitor and update an unlimited number of sites.
  • Track and get notification about your website accessibility.
  • Track your activity logs and task queue.